Our Mission: Saving Rhino One at a Time

Our Mission: Saving Rhino One at a Time

Supporting Rhino conservation and improving stringent anti-poaching efforts needed on the ground – where it counts!

Rhino Monitoring Technology

The Chipembere Rhino Foundation is continuously sourcing, testing and funding the right technology needed for effective and meaningful monitoring of Rhino on the ground – where it is needed!

K9 Project

The Chipembere Rhino Foundation’s K9 component is a poaching deterrent in Southern Africa. Trained tracking and apprehension dogs have shown to contribute significantly in curbing poaching.

Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) Equipment

The Chipembere Rhino Foundation implements effective and meaningful anti-poaching equipment that is proven, tested and long lasting for rangers on the ground.

Rhino Translocations

The Chipembere Rhino Foundation is committed to funding the necessary equipment needed by partner organisations committed to trans-locating Rhino into safer and better protected areas or countries.

About The Chipembere Rhino Foundation

Chipembere Rhino Foundation is an NGO run by trustees with extensive Rhino experience and assisted by a group of committed volunteers. CRF specialises in sourcing, testing and funding technology for effective monitoring of Rhino; funding K9 handlers and their tracking and apprehension dogs; providing anti-poaching teams with vital equipment; funding equipment needed to translocate Rhino across Southern Africa and collaborating with other like minded NGO’s and companies.

For 50 million years, rhinos have been roaming the earth. These iconic and charismatic animals are an irreplaceable part of our spectacular African natural heritage. Sadly, rhinos are being poached to the point of extinction. The mere 2,400 African Black rhino left are already classified as critically endangered, while the remaining 18,900 African White rhino are classified as near-threatened. Poaching levels have reached crisis point: between 2008 and 2015, 5,048 rhinos were slaughtered, with another 1054 rhino butchered in 2016.

Chipembere Rhino Foundation LogoAfter witnessing the senseless slaughter of their two rhino breeding bulls in 2010, the Cook and Naudé families, owners of HillsNek Safari Camp in South Africa decided to step up their conservation efforts.

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News and Press Releases

Project Protect Rhino – Raising Funds For Rhino Conservation

Project Protect Rhino – Raising Funds For Rhino Conservation

Marina Berkett is a 22-year-old final year vet student at the Royal Veterinary College. She is the founder of Project Protect Rhino and has already raised £1000 for the foundation.  Here is her story. My mum grew up in Durban and I am forever indebted to her for my love of Africa and its wildlife. Our family have always had a passion for conservation. After my brother, Christopher, came home from a three-month veterinary internship with Dr William Fowlds in April 2016, he was so shaken by witnessing poaching scenes first-hand that we decided to take a more active role. I started by designing the logo, had it printed on a few t-shirts and I just went from there. Our family and friends were all so keen to listen and help, and this support has grown over the last 18 months. I have now developed a strong support base at the Royal Veterinary College and hope to expand this.   Working with rhino first-hand on the Vets Go Wild trip made me even more passionate. My main aim has always been to raise awareness in the UK, educating anyone who will listen about rhino – not only the imminent threat of extinction but, most importantly, the extreme suffering of each individual animal. I now sell a whole range of Project Protect Rhino merchandise and have already raised £1000 for the Chipembere Rhino Foundation. My next step is to make an awareness video at my university. Please visit my Facebook page called Project Protect Rhino where I post updates on where the money goes (last year it was for a... read more
EC Rhinos now under Ella’s protection

EC Rhinos now under Ella’s protection

The growing threat of rhino poaching in the Eastern Cape has sparked a remarkable international collaboration which has resulted in the first ‘cold scent’ tracker dog funded for use throughout the Eastern Cape. A dog so unique that her presence and skill set will be feared by poachers and advance rhino protection in the Eastern Cape to new strengths. Her name is Ella. Ella has been recently deployed and is based on a local game reserve in the Eastern Cape. She has been carefully selected by the Chipembere Rhino Foundation (CRF) to be part of the Forever Wild Rhino Protection initiative. This project represents a partnership between Wilderness Foundation Africa, Medivet Saving the Rhino (UK) and the Chipembere Rhino Foundation, in support of rhino protection. This international collaboration between South Africa and the UK has facilitated the deployment of Ella.  Medivet also provides funds which support other tracker dogs, but shares such sponsorship with other corporate and individual donors. ‘We are excited to introduce Medivet’s first ever fully funded tracker dog, Ella, who will play a key role in our fight to save the rhino. Ella will use her amazing sense of smell to track down poachers and she will be a vital tool during poaching incidents. Thanks to the continued support of our clients and colleagues, we look forward to a future where Ella can help save rhino from poachers’, says John Smithers, Medivet Senior Partner and coordinator of the Medivet Saving the Rhino campaign Ella is a beautiful Bloodhound Doberman cross with an amazing sense of smell which gives her the ability to track poachers long after... read more
Chipembere Takes to the Catwalk

Chipembere Takes to the Catwalk

Rhino conservation efforts took a glamourous turn recently when Chipembere took to the catwalk at the Fairview Horse Racing Derby in Port Elizabeth on 13 May 2017. Chipembere is both a special All African Arabica coffee blend, roasted for a cause by Port Elizabeth-based Mastertons Coffee & Tea Specialists, and a local registered non-profit organisation committed to the protection and conservation of Africa’s rhino, the Chipembere Rhino Foundation (CRF). For every 250 grams of Chipembere coffee purchased, Mastertons donates R5 to CRF to aid their rhino conservation efforts. As a result, CRF has already funded a successful anti-poaching K9 team in the Eastern Cape and continues to train anti-poaching K9s to track and apprehend suspected poachers, and to provide invaluable assistance on poaching crime scenes. Responsible for placing Chipembere on the catwalk was Samantha Cunningham, a Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) designing student who participated in this year’s NMMU fashion show. The fashion show is hosted annually at the Derby Day by the university’s Fashion and Textile Department to showcase garments designed by their second-year students. This year, Masterton’s Coffee added a touch of “coffee flair” to the Derby Day fashion show with the theme “Out of Africa”. The participating students were briefed to create a garment around a Masterton’s coffee blend, incorporating an African feel as well as elements of coffee inspiration ranging from the beans to hessian packaging bags. “I knew as soon as I walked into Mastertons and saw the printed and framed Chipembere Coffee Blend hessian bag on the wall that I wanted to use this package in my design!” says Samantha. “I care deeply... read more

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