Our Mission: Saving Rhino One at a Time

Our Mission: Saving Rhino One at a Time

Supporting Rhino conservation and improving stringent anti-poaching efforts needed on the ground – where it counts!

Rhino Monitoring Technology

The Chipembere Rhino Foundation is continuously sourcing, testing and funding the right technology needed for effective and meaningful monitoring of Rhino on the ground – where it is needed!

K9 Project

The Chipembere Rhino Foundation’s K9 component is a poaching deterrent in Southern Africa. Trained tracking and apprehension dogs have shown to contribute significantly in curbing poaching.

Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) Equipment

The Chipembere Rhino Foundation implements effective and meaningful anti-poaching equipment that is proven, tested and long lasting for rangers on the ground.

Rhino Translocations

The Chipembere Rhino Foundation is committed to funding the necessary equipment needed by partner organisations committed to trans-locating Rhino into safer and better protected areas or countries.

About The Chipembere Rhino Foundation

Chipembere Rhino Foundation is an NGO run by trustees with extensive Rhino experience and assisted by a group of committed volunteers. CRF specialises in sourcing, testing and funding technology for effective monitoring of Rhino; funding K9 handlers and their tracking and apprehension dogs; providing anti-poaching teams with vital equipment; funding equipment needed to translocate Rhino across Southern Africa and collaborating with other like minded NGO’s and companies.

For 50 million years, rhinos have been roaming the earth. These iconic and charismatic animals are an irreplaceable part of our spectacular African natural heritage. Sadly, rhinos are being poached to the point of extinction. The mere 4,800 African Black rhino left are already classified as critically endangered, while the remaining 20,000 African White rhino are classified as near-threatened. Poaching levels have reached crisis point: between 2000 and 2013, 2,700 rhinos were slaughtered, with another 1215 rhino butchered in 2014.

Chipembere Rhino Foundation LogoAfter witnessing the senseless slaughter of their two rhino breeding bulls in 2010, the Cook and Naudé families, owners of HillsNek Safari Camp in South Africa decided to step up their conservation efforts.

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News and Press Releases

World’s top surfers help guard endangered rhinos

World’s top surfers help guard endangered rhinos

On a lay day during the recent 2015 J-Bay Open, Stop No. 6 on the 2015 Samsung Galaxy World Surf League (WSL) Championship Tour (CT), top surfers Kelly Slater, 11-time world champion from the US and Australian WSL Title Contender Owen Wright, joined renowned wildlife veterinarian Dr William Fowlds and the Chipembere Rhino Foundation (CRF) on a special operation to dart and fit a tracking collar to the leg of a threatened white rhino. Exposing these top athletes to the vital tracking components applied in protecting this iconic species allows them to share in some of the work that the Chipembere team and those under the rhino conservation are doing to better protect rhinos from poachers.

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Meet Sammy, the Eastern Cape’s first anti-poaching Tracking and Apprehension Dog!

Meet Sammy, the Eastern Cape’s first anti-poaching Tracking and Apprehension Dog!

Sammy, a live wire 18-month-old German Shepherd with outstanding tracking and obedience skills, recently relocated to the Eastern Cape from Pretoria to help combat rhino poaching, which has increased in the Eastern Cape in 2015. Sammy will significantly enhance the efforts of private anti-poaching units and community patrols currently in place. Sammy’s arrival is a first for the province as her deployment is a private initiative by the Chipembere Rhino Foundation, an Eastern Cape based NGO, which has implemented and facilitated the K9 project, at a cost of approximately R100,000, to assist with protecting rhino in the province.... read more
Roasted for a cause: A cuppa for the love of rhinos

Roasted for a cause: A cuppa for the love of rhinos

Mastertons Coffee & Tea Specialists in a collaboration with the Chipembere Rhino Foundation have created a special All African Arabica coffee blend, ‘Chipembere’ that continues their fine tradition of authentically hand-roasted Mastertons coffee, while protecting and giving back to the natural environment that has been our home for almost 100 years. Roasted for a cause, for every 250 grams of ‘Chipembere’ coffee purchased by retailers and coffee-loving rhino supporters, R5 is donated to the Chipembere Rhino Foundation to aid their rhino conservation... read more

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